Monday, November 3, 2008


My list of things to get done seems to be getting longer.  

I've been more productive in the studio than I have been in a while...but the list keeps growing. I haven't tried to turn-around the reduction kiln this quickly in years so there's no post firing rest this time.  On the upside...I'm actually unloading the second kiln-load with time to spare before I load up the van for CraftBoston...and that's unusual for me.

I  got a little more throwing done today but probably not enough to fully fill another bisque kiln. Unless I somehow manage to find some more energy tonight and throw another ware-board full of pots I'll be loading a not quite dry and not quite full electric bisque tomorrow night.  Then, it's off to the races as I get ready for another firing, figure out a booth setup and try to find some time to update my website with the new work.

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