Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanks everyone!  I'm glad so many new pots have new homes.  Enjoy them.  

It was a great day and so enjoyable to sit in a house with friends and family while selling pots.

Thanks again to all who came and thanks to those brave enough to see a chalkboard sign and walk up the path to the studio sale.  

Below are a few pics from the show....

Today we drive back to the Cape in the rain and snow.  Friday is our Holiday Studio Sale which will have refreshments and lots of pots...including a big seconds sale.  


Ron said...

Hey, Glad it was a good day. I hope you have a great sale next weekend too.

abigail said...

so glad to hear it went well!
great photos.

tsbroome said...

Nice to see the sale went well. Much happier post than from the Boston sale earlier in the month! The photos are wonderful, the woven things compliment the pots beautifully.

Keith said...

Thanks All!

It was nice to have a good show that was also relaxing since we were in my folk's home. Randall's weavings do look so good and can soften up a tableful of pots very quickly.