Thursday, November 13, 2008

CraftBoston, Setting Up.

Well...I'm wireless blogging up here at CraftBoston thanks to my father's 3g wireless connect card.

I'm just about done setting up the booth as the picture above shows.  I just need to tweak a few things and make sure that everything is priced.  I forgot a lot more booth stuff than I should have.  I wanted to hang that large platter but I have no wire to hang it with.  I could use a few extra shelves to deal with all of the extra orange space on the walls.  And, if I could find some tape that would keep my nice sign up on the wall that would help.  But...these are all little things.  The plan is that people are looking at the work instead of the booth....right?

I'll get some pics of the work up soon.  I'm hoping to see all of you living in the Boston area.


abigail said...

booth looks great. I love the orange.
good luck!

brandon phillips said...

i like your setup, it looks good. i redid my setup this year to look more "professional" and my sales actually went down. could be the new work and the economy, being a self-doubter of course i assumed it was me. knock em dead(after they give you the money of course.)

Sister Creek Potter said...

I the orange expanses are very pleasant--give relief to the eye. I think I like it better without stuff hanging on it. Let us know how the customers respond. Good luck.

Michael Kline said...

Wow, Go Vols!

As a UT alum I love the orange, of course.

GOOD LUCK. Sell'em all.

mahanpots said...

I hope it's okay to post a comment; I don't know everybody.

Nice display. I don't do a lot of shows, but since I married my current wife, she keeps a little box full of everything I need for the shows I do.

Thank you Mary.

Good luck with the show.


Bruce Christopher said...

Thats a BEATIFUL booth. The large areas of orange don't bother me at all. They tend to focus the eye on your pieces below. Nice display. Nice collection. Have a great show.

Keith said...

Thanks for al the comments everybody. I hope you're not disappointed but I did hang the platter. It opened up some space on the table.

So, yesterday had some pretty amazing electrical issues. There is always a danger in being at a brand new show and apparently the Westin wasn't quite ready for the amount of lights that each artist was using to light their work. I was without power for most of the day which is rough. But, I also had about 5-7 guys working in the back corner of my booth because I was fortunate enough to be right near the main panel. & guys in the booth isn't exactly conducive to people looking at your work. I'll get some pictures of the craziness up soon.

Finally, thanks and welcome to the new commenters! I appreciate your thoughts and thanks for reading.

I'll try to upload some pics later.

Michael Kline said...

I'd say you should get a booth refund. At the least a partial refund.

Keith said...

yep...i've already mentioned that to margaret, the show director.

they have been very understanding and i've tried to stay calm while dealing with all of this. although, the grumpy potter can show himself if he needs to.

Paula said...

Hi Keith,
met you at several craftboston events, and at your place in Harwichport....LOVE the booth. Got a question...where do you put your body? That always seems to be a problem with beautiful displays....where to put yourself if you must remain in your booth.
See you at the cape.

Keith said...

Sorry all...I've been bad at responding to commenting. I guess if I'm going to write and appreciate your thoughts I better learn to respond more quickly.

Paula, There is a little it of space on the back wall of the booth behind the table where I can stand. And, I actually moved the tables to the edges on day 2 and I was able to stand within the booth when talking to people. I think we can all learn from the jewelers who are able to stay within their space and customers are able to enjoy looking at the work and talking to the artist without any sense of intruding into someone's space. I've always been amazed at how many people will stare at a booth from outside of it but are hesitant to go inside without coaxing.

My plan was to have everything on the outside of the booth so people could look at the work, pick it up and talk to me without feeling like they had to "enter" a space. It worked out well and I'll try it again in Baltimore. The only thing that I would like to change is the backdrop color but the black drape was included at CraftBoston.