Thursday, November 6, 2008

Deep Thought

Either learn to throw much thinner or make these forms much earlier in the cycle.

The large platter is okay...but these which I threw one day before the bisque didn't work out quite as well.  It's a shame...I kind of liked them.  Just proves not to like anything until well after it is out of the glaze kiln....and....kilns that have elements in the bottom of the kiln heat up the bottom shelf very quickly.

This bisque kiln will be closed and what is inside will be forgotten about until it's time to load another bisque.  At that time I will open the kiln, remember my stupidity and spend a few minutes trying to remember where I put my studio vacuum.  

Wow...I can see the future!


brandon phillips said...

ouch. my condolences. if you wanna come sit in on my class about firing basics you're more than welcome. ouch, that was harsh, i'm totally kidding of course.

Keith said...

i think i should sit in on that class.

or, if you prefer...i can give a workshop titled, "throw pot, try to put it in the kiln without deforming it because it is still soft and turn on high." it's gonna work one of these days.

i'll be looking for the package! thanks. perhaps i can send one of these in return..haha. don't worry....i got your subtle hint in the earlier post.

abigail said...

um what's wrong with throwing wet things in a kiln and turning it on high? works for me!

Keith said...

abigail, i guess my problem was that i didn't just turn it straight to hi....i made the mistake of letting it soak for a while....clearly...that gave the water some time to think about what was happening inside those pots. next time to think for the h2o...high right away for the next bisque.

abigail said...

never let water think. ;)
Glad the cups came out though, they look nice. We might decide to come to Boston a couple days before the BSA awards and then would be there for Craft Boston! I'll keep you posted.

doug fitch said...

Oh, what a bore - it's sooooo frustrating isn't it? My mate Simon Hancox came to see me yesterday to deliver some pots that he's putting in my kiln. He'd spent days sgrafitto decorating a big harvest jug, then he'd blown it up in the bisc. He brought the bits to show me and hadn't at that stage owned up to his wife. It happens. I'm signing up for Brandon's class, Simon and I will see you there! Looking forward to seeing the celadons.