Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can't Stop Fluting

Those skate punks among us may get my reference to a NOFX song in the title.  I've been reconnecting with my indie-rocker self in the studio listening to Sirius' XMU.  It's been much more fun than listening to Mickey Mouse and Hannah Montana during carpool.

Below are a few more images of some work from the last few days.  

I made a few fluted soup bowls.
Here is a close-up.
Here are a few squared and fluted bowls.  They were made with 2lbs of clay.
And....here's a close-up.

I have one last big bowl to trim tonight.  Tomorrow is going to be spent cleaning up the studio and packing.  We're off to Houston on Thursday for the Holidays.  I'm not sure what kind of blogging I'll be doing from the road.  It will probably be something but most likely not pottery-related.  

Evangelina and I are off to Austin on Saturday for a couple of days to start looking at houses and neighborhoods.  I'm also going to see if I can figure out some areas to rent studio space.  We've been talking about the move for so long it has always seemed so distant but we're starting to get to the reality of it all.


abigail said...

I love them!!

Michael Kline said...

The fluting is really nice. I was going to ask you if you remember a song from the seventies called "float on". Maybe you're too young, maybe you wouldn't admit it to your skate punk blogger friends anyway. Oh well. have a great trip and write when you can. always fun to see where people go.

brandon phillips said...

you need flutaholics anonymous. i dig it.