Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mixing Bowls

I've been wanting to make mixing bowls for a while and that's what I did the past couple of days.  Most of them are squared and will get my wax, slip, incised slip treatment.  I really wanted to reference your standard mixing bowl with these.  Then yesterday my delightful friend Abigail posted this on her blog which led me to make some small mixing bowls that are really as basic as it gets....except for some reason I fluted them.  I think that it's something that I've done less than 5 times in my life.

Anyways...I'm curious about it and I may do a few more larger ones.  These are all about 3lbs each.  The first one is round with a cut foot.

These 2 are squared...again...about 3lbs of clay.

And...these are squared and will get the wax/slip combo....I may need to come up with a shorthand for that decorating style.

I mistakenly posted this with just the images so this post may appear more than once in your inbox.  Sorry.


abigail said...

Beautiful! and perfect for Steven to practice folding.
I love the fluting and can't wait to see how you glaze them.

Keith said...

white clay....fluting....a studio full of celadon....?

you got any ideas?