Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pics and Open Studio Sale

It just isn't a pottery blog if there aren't pics up.  Words are so long and sentences are even longer.  New pots are so much more exciting.

And, on that are some new pots I've been working on.

These are some vases I'm playing around with.  I want to have a couple sizes to play with.  I really liked the larger rounder wobbly rim vases and I wanted to see how it works with a more slender form.  They are slipped and waxed and ready for some incising.

I'm intrigued by these "cappuccino" cups.  I made some of my more typical "taller" mug forms but then sketched these out and I made these two.  I am working on the scale and form but I like where they are heading.  I'm not sure if they need a saucer...I've never been big on cups and saucers but these might be asking for one.

Here are a few more tall slender wobbly rim vases.   These are with the B-Mix which just throws so beautifully.  The piles in the background are part of the studio that I haven't gotten organized quite yet.

It will probably be a slow weekend here in the studio.  I'll finish up these pots and hopefully even make a few more.  My clay order is getting delivered Monday so next week should be pretty productive.  

Stop in for the Holiday Sale....The shop is open today, 10-4

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