Monday, December 8, 2008

Clay for My Birthday

Today is my birthday but I better sneak into the studio and get that last area organized.  I have a clay delivery coming today and it's supposed to go in that area full of junk.  

Then...I better make some pots.  We're off to Houston soon so this is my last week of making pots this year.  

If all goes well today we're supposed to pick up the kids from school and then off to the movies.  I want to see Madagascar 2 but Javi and Ale are set on Bolt.  They're not big fans of movies so just getting to the theater is a good start.  

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Michael Kline said...

Hey, Happy Birthday, big guy! I've had this box kicking around that I've been meaning to send. My bad. I'll be sending it today. Are you moving already? Hope you enjoy the movies.