Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why.... I dread putting handles on mugs.  I tend to leave mugs hiding under plastic for at least 2-3 days before I put handles on them.  I'm not sure why.  It doesn't take me that long to do it and I actually enjoy putting them on.  

I finally put handles on 8 mugs that were being shuffled under plastic from shelf to shelf as I needed room for my bowls.  What a waste of time it is to procrastinate....Now they're done and I can avoid this next set of mugs for at least an hour.


saybra said...

i also share a love/hate relationship with handles. i always put it off thinking its going to be a miserable experience but it never is, unless its really cold in the studio.

i often wonder if i spend more time moving boards of pots around than i do actually potting. it seems that way at least. and of course there is this blasted internet that keeps pulling me out of the studio. blah blah, back to work.

brandon phillips said...

sorry dude, that comment was from me, not the wife.

Keith said...

sure....i thought you didn't have any help in the studio but now i get to have all of the fun throwing and then send your wife in to finish up all of the pots, haha.

let her know that i'm still enjoying the mug you sent here...even if it was a collaborative effort.

i bet she has to wad all of the pots and scrape the shelves after your firings.