Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey Cupcake!

One of the many reasons to like Austin....Hey Cupcake!

Evangelina and I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Austin where we met with a realtor, narrowed down a neighborhood to live in, and talked to some friends about the house/pre-school/elementary school/pottery/studio scene.  

Needless to say...we're a little overwhelmed but very excited about our upcoming move.  

More about the trip later.  


doug fitch said...

Good luck with the move, it must be really exciting. Loved the fluting by the way, it captures the rythm forever. Have a great Christmas

abigail said...

blue sky, sun shine, short sleeves. did you take this photo? if so, I hate you.
glad to know the trip went well!
don't feel too overwhelmed, you still have a bit of time to think about things.
have fun in Houston!

Ron said...

yum cupcakes! Looks warm there.

brandon phillips said...

ha! hey cupcake did the cupcakes for our wedding(we opted for cupcakes instead of cake). aren't they amazing?