Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nice Surprise

One of the nice things about living on the Cape is something that I call the "Cape Cod Drop-By"  it's a visit where someone just stops by without calling first.  Some people would think its rude.  I have always appreciated it.

Today we got a very nice surprise visit....even though the sign said "Open" on the gallery the door was still locked and I hadn't made it into the studio to get any work done yet.  Apparently, after peeking through the windows my friend Jenn Reed decided to give a call and see if we were home.  So, as I picked up the phone and looked out the window I could have sworn that I saw Jill Oberman in Jenn's car.  Weird...especially since I knew Jill from Anderson Ranch and weirder too since she now lives in Chicago.  Also hiding in the back of Jenn's car was Jess Parker.  Jess flew in from California picking Jill up in Chicago to come to the Cape and visit Jenn...while enjoying 3 days of the worst rain we've had in a long time.

It was great to catch up with people who I hadn't seen in a while and nice to hear some great stories.  Some of which I'll share in a later post.  Best of all is we finally figured out what to do with our wonderful wall piece by Jill Oberman that I still hadn't put back up since our renovation a couple of years ago.  The picture of the piece sitting beautifully on our dining table will be up shortly.  

Glad that we became part of the visit to the Cape and I'm glad you all learned about the Cape Cod Drop-By.

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