Thursday, December 4, 2008

Work...but no pics

The studio is back to 90% clean.  Well...90% of what I consider to be a workable space.  I made a few pots today.  I am very low on clay but I spent today throwing the last of the stoneware.  Some mugs, some vases and some bowls.  I'm focused on Baltimore ACC now as I return to the studio.  I used the time to try out a few new forms and refine a few others.  As I said earlier I'm doing wholesale & retail while I'm there.  I haven't done wholesale in a few years and I want to go in with a small but very focused line of wholesale work.  Tomorrow, I'll finish up what I made and make some more using some white stoneware.  I'll get some pics up tomorrow.

Evangelina organized the gallery because tomorrow is the Holiday Stroll and Open House.  The stroll is from 5pm-9pm but I'll have the gallery open most of the day while I'm working in the studio. tomorrow.  

Please stop by if you're on Cape because the shop looks great once again.  It felt like we were getting ready to open for summer.  We'll also have a bunch of work on sale and some seconds out for purchase.  Hope to see some of you tomorrow.  

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