Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

I'm off with Darth Vader, a Mermaid Princess and an 18 month old who I believe is a ballerina.

It's their first time really trick or treating around a neighborhood so it should be interesting.

The kiln was still pretty hot this morning...still glowing when I peeked through the top spy. There are a lot of shelves and a lot of pots in there so hopefully I'll be able to unload sometime late tomorrow.

First stop...the grandparent's house then off to a friends house to start looking for candy.


Bruce Christopher said...

I've got a pumpkin, a witch & a saber-tooth squirrel

Chase Squires said...

We don't have kids, so we dressed up ourselves, Denver Boone (the University of Denver's old mascot) and Ruckus (the University of Denver's current mascot!) Go DU!

(Kiln ... it's just fun to say! Hey, how come there aren't any horror movies about a crazy potter who bakes his victims in a kiln?)