Monday, June 23, 2008

Earthenware Progress

Here are some of the pieces I've been working on as I attempt to figure out this strange moving, weirdly smooth, lower firing clay called earthernware.  I decided to go small as I lost the first few pieces as I was throwing them.  I don't think anything here is over 5 pounds.  I've been enjoying it now and I may try some 6-8 pound pieces later today if all goes well.    It's been a while without any pics of pots so here they are...

Here are a few 3 pound pitches and a few small altered vases.

Here are a some of those pieces decorated.  Left to right...Triangular Vase, Squared Vase, Oval Vase, Oval Vase.  The oval on the right has some commercial yellow underglaze on's bright!  I had it laying around from a tile project I did with Javi's pre-school class a while back.  I thought I would try it out.  I'm a little worried but we'll see how it looks under a might have to go under an opaque black glaze.

Here are a few 3 pound jugs.

And finally, here are the pitchers and some altered squared vases.  I pulled up on the rims on the two on the right which I've never done on vases before.  I always have to lift the spout of the pitcher a little more so I thought I would see how it translates to these forms.  I'll post some details after I get them decorated.  

In other news....I have quietly gone live with our new site....check it out and let me know what you think.  The webstore is open but I wanted to see an initial response before I send out the big announcement email.  I still have to get some more pots uploaded but it's time to kiss my baby and let her out into the world.  I'm literally selling pots online now.  Enjoy.  

And...if anyone does get into any navigation problems, please let me know about it. 


Ron said...

Keith, the website looks and works great. Nice job.
I like what you're doing with the earthenware.

Keith said...

Thanks Ron,

I'm glad the site is up. Still have a way to go but it's up and running so I'm very happy. I'm pretty excited about the earthernware. I need to order a few materials so I can get some glazes mixed up and I may be able to fire this weekend!