Monday, June 23, 2008

Some more decorating

Thanks to all who've visited the new site and checked out the webstore.  I really do appreciate your feedback.  I'm looking forward to getting more pots up there and tweaking some of the little things but it is all working really well and it's nice to finally see it up there on the internets.  It's been quite a process....thanks for dealing with boring web-related rants.  I think I'll stick with Scott's rule for now on and keep the blog about pottery only.

So, in trying to keep this about pots.  Here are some more earthernware pots after slip and decoration.  This is a little platter, probably about 14 inches in diameter.

Here's a ware-board with the pitchers and those wobbly squared vases.

Here is a more detailed view of the wobbly pots.  I can't decide what I think of them yet...but since I'm going to try to make some bigger versions next time I'm at the wheel I think I'm intrigued,

Here's a salt-fired vase of mine from 2-3 years ago.  It was squared and has Tile-6 and black slip decoration.  The new earthernware pots are pretty closely related to this little guy.  

I think it's fun when you notice that you're re-visiting forms and decorating ideas without even realizing that you're doing so.  We all have such a vocabulary of forms within.  It comes from our time in the studio making our own work, from books and magazines as we thumb through and see a pot that catches our eye, when we visit a friend's studio and see what's new, and now from checking out what is current in the world via all of these great pottery blogs.  It's always nice to re-visit these ideas from a new direction and with new skills and techniques.  

The shop is closed tomorrow so we'll probably take a little family time down to the beach if the weather cooperates.  I have some catching up to do in the studio but everything might have to hang out under all that plastic for one more day.  


Ron said...

On the platter...
white slip, wax, draw through, black stain, wipe away. ???
Should be awesome... I mean smashing.

brandon phillips said...

i like the wobbly pots. the deco is cool too. smashing indeed.

doug fitch said...

Tip top, spiffing and top hole. I look forward to seeing them fired.

Keith said...

Wow...I think I'm chuffed about all of the feedback...? Ron, yep...slipped, waxed, chopstick going through the wax, black slip then wipe away the excess. I'm pretty excited to see how it looks. It's a technique that my friend Mark does on a lot of his wood-fired work.

Now, I'm new to this british blogger speak so sorry if my slang is a bit dodgy. Doug, you might have to post a glossary...I'm sure that I'm not the only one doing a google search after reading some of your, i tried posting a comment last night but blogger wouldn't let me.

Brandon, I assume the roof is getting some work done since I haven't seen any new posts. Shame about that slab platter, I was looking forward to seeing that finished...are you able to re-slip it?

brandon phillips said...

the roof is in fact not getting worked on. more rain and some nasty humidity prompted me to take care of some other things so maybe this weekend? i'm the king of procrastinators. its hard to see in that photo but the slab piece cracked from the water(i raw-glaze/once-fire), but i have a few of them so i'll get one or two in the next firing, which could be any time now if we get some relief from this heat.