Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mugs & Cups

Still plugging away in the studio.  It feels like I'm not getting that much done.  Maybe I'm not but slow and steady progress is better than nothing.  It's pretty humid in there and I have a few more things that I want to make for my electric kiln firing so my idea of getting it all done before this weekend isn't looking promising.  

I made a few more wobbly vases yesterday and a few new tumblers which are pictured below. There is another pic of some mugs that have been sitting under plastic for well over a week.  I think I should always throw a ton of mugs at the beginning of the cycle because they seem to take forever to meet their handles.  I should make a few more later today but I'm planning on sitting down to watch the Euro Cup Semi-Finals shortly.  I've been trying to watch Wimbledon in the studio but I keep looking down at my work and missing anything interesting.  And, it sure isn't worth listening to the commentary that ESPN2 has going on.  I was happy that Marat Safin won yesterday.  He's one of my favorite players and expresses on the court what I sometimes feel like in the studio.

Also, you are all very nice.  In my high-fire snobbery I guess I never had learned to spell earthenware.  I had been putting an extra "r" in the middle.  Maybe all of those comments using the word correctly were gentle reminders but I never noticed.  It took an email from my mother asking if earthernware is the same as earthenware.  And silly me....I kept ignoring the bright red marking that Blogger uses to let me know that I've mis-spelled something.  I thought Blogger just didn't know the intricacies of pottery lingo...guess it was me.  

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