Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Light Posting

I guess it's light posting until I get cruising in the studio again.  I'm still shooting images from the firing and trying to get everything uploaded for our new website....I promise it's coming. 

Today is going to be mostly a gallery day and I'll be sitting on this computer plugging away at the site and using Photoshop to get all of the images sized right for the webstore.  Hopefully, I finish enough photography that I can break down the lights and regain a studio.  Even if I don't I think a cleanup is in the works this afternoon and I'll be ready to start making pots again tomorrow.  I'm kind of sick of looking at the background paper on my table that should be full of freshly thrown pots.

Tonight is the Strawberry Festival at the kid's pre-school.  Songs and Strawberry Shortcakes for all!  Javi and Ale will each be singing tonight....we'll see if either of them actually sing loudly enough that we'll be able to hear them.  

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Ron said...

Keith, you asked about some low fire recipes a while back. I gleaned most of my info from Kari Radasch's tech page

Gail's Amber on there is the one I use. and Pete's white slip. I have a different clear that I add iron to for the cream glaze and I'll have to look it up. It's from the U. of Nebraska.

Javi and Ale...nice names.