Saturday, June 21, 2008

My studio is a mess!

An absolute disaster. And until I clean it pictures. I have some mugs, pitchers and jugs needing handles but I don't have a clean surface to work on them. I already mixed up a white slip for the earthernware I've been working with so, if I can get this place a little more organized I should be able to get everything finished up and maybe even slipped tonight.

I got a late start today. My sister-in-law graduated from her surgery resident program up in Boston last night. She's already in the car driving down to Orlando to start her fellowship program on Monday. That's a nice weekend off after working 5 years straight after med-school. What's her fellowship in....?


Colo-Rectal Surgery! It's a nice conversation piece, don't you think? Anyways, we got back on Cape late and I've definitely been moving kind of slowly so far today. Well, better go clean, get some pieces finished and then maybe get the studio and this blog back on track. I feel like it's been a while since I've gotten anything finished and the blog has been suffering because of it.

Oh, and yeah...the website isn't ready. Well, it's ready on my end but the webstore is still having some issues but I'm told Monday morning...of course I was told Friday afternoon yesterday morning.


doug fitch said...

My place is always a mess so I rarely put a picture on, there's always a dirty seive or something in the background of my photos that gives me away.

I'm looking forward to seeing your earthenware.

Ron said...

I'm having to clean up this week to get ready for my sale. It's a wreak. I will be glad to have it in order. It makes the beginning of my next making cycle so much more pleasant.
I'm looking forward to the earthenware too.