Friday, June 6, 2008


Sorry it took so long....I'm pleased overall. I used a lot of a new celadon glaze that came out with less of a green and sheen as I had hoped but I think it came out well. Like any firing...just not quite what I had pictured. I think it may need a thicker coat next time and it seems pretty stable so I'll try that next time.

The reduction kiln has such a different feel from unloading a salt kiln that I think it's going to take a little while to absorb the information. I think that this firing is going to lead to some really good ideas for next time. I'll discuss more of that on my next post but I'll start with some pictures with what I consider to be successful.

Here are some square bowls with a brown slip underneath the celadon.

some cups, mugs and a lone juicecup/shotglass
here are a few jars that I'm really happy with.  They all have cut feet and the two on the left have a squared bottom with the briscoe technique that I grabbed off of Ron's blog.

Three more successful jars.  
Here's a platter/serving bowl that has a lot going on.  Not quite sure what I think yet...the drips may be too much.  I need to think about this one.  There is another serving dish behind it that came out really well.  I used the latex wax resist on both of these.  

I'll shoot some "real" photos over the weekend and get them posted.  I usually spend a great deal of time photographing my for the blog are just a little bit rushed.  

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Ron said...

At last here they are. Looks good Keith. I have a cup by Mary Law that has a similar celadon glaze on it. I like the square jars.