Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gallery Time on a Beach Day

It's another absolutely beautiful day out here.  I'm in the gallery waiting for beach time to end so some people can come on in and check out the new work.  Evangelina took the kids to meet some friends at the beach.  That's what happens here in the summer.  

We finally got all of the work priced and out to the gallery.  It looks really good...if I do say so myself.  It's always hard to soak in the new work fresh out of the kiln and under the fluorescent lights of the studio.  My main concern was how the reduction fired work would look with my salt-fired pots already in the gallery.   It worked out okay....and there are some pics below of the new work in the gallery for you all to check out.  I have some really good ideas on what I want to do for the next reduction firing.  I mixed up a test batch of a gold matte recipe from my Anderson Ranch set of recipes and I'll be mixing up a larger batch of that.  I'll also be tryinng another celadon glaze to try out.  I realized that this may be my first firing that didn't contain a single piece with a shino glaze on it.  I had a pretty good reduction throughout the kiln so maybe I missed out on that one.  It's always something, isn't it.  Regardless, I have about a half a kiln load already glazed up so I should be getting another firing through before July 4th weekend which is my next deadline up here.  

I mentioned earlier that I have some earthenware to try out for the first time so I may start with that on Wednesday when I start making pots again.  I'll have to dig through and find some good recipes.   I'll take any suggestions if anyone wants to send some low-fire recipes my way. Until then, I'll be photographing pots and working on the website again....don't worry, I'll try to keep the web design frustrations away from the blog this time.  

Here are the new gallery pics...

These tables have a mix of reduction and salt-fired ware and I think it balances out okay..
Here are 3 reduction fired pieces.  The vases on the left are the triangular vases that I tried for the first time.  I think I may try them by squeezing the base into shape next time....I'll post that when I try it.  The platter has some slip underneath a celadon glaze.   I'm excited to play around with that combo again.  The platter is 15.5 inches across and the vases are 12 and 15 inches tall
Here is another setup of the reduction fired ware.  The triangular vase is about 16 inches and has a Temple White glaze and Willy's Helix on it.  Here are the steps I used...
1 Put the latex resist on.
2 Glaze with the Temple White
3 Put regular wax resist on the entire piece
4 Remove the latex resist
5 Glaze the piece with Helix
Here are some mugs up front with white slip, sgrafitto and then a celadon glaze.  The pieces behind are salt-fired slipped bowls with a shino liner glaze.  
And here's the biggest difference in the whole gallery....A big Tile-6 and black salt-fired piece, some Avery Slip and black tumblers and some really shiny Copper Red bowls.  I haven't used a Copper Red in about 6 years so it was pretty weird unloading them.  The bowl on the left was at the very top of kiln and the red always does better in the middle but I like the variations on it.
Enjoy what remains of your weekend and wish Brandon well on his nuptials.


brandon phillips said...

pots look good in there.

Keith said...'d the weekend go?

brandon phillips said...

good, i posted a little about it.