Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thrown & Cut Vases

Along with the big pots from yesterday I've spent the last couple of days playing around with cutting up thrown cylinders into triangular vases.  In the past when I've altered the forms into square or oval I'll just run my fingers up the inside of the pot and change the shape from within. I wanted to see what kind of sharper definitions of forms that I could get with this new method. It's definitely adding to the time on each piece, but everything seems to be going in that direction with my work anyways. is a basic cylinder form to start.

After it set up for a while I cut as straight a line as I could...

With 2 sections gone I had to figure out a way to not let that last piece fall

Here are a few other forms I cut up.  I wanted to see how the form variations in the outer two cylinders would translate to the cut forms.

And here are some of the assembled forms.  The one on the left was cut into 4 pieces so it is obviously a squared vase but the others are triangular.  I'm excited for the glazing opportunities with the different planes on each piece.

The only question is why don't I make them with slabs....but, I just love the energy from the wheel...especially when you alter the form and see those little variations of the throwing lines change from the different sides.  Now I just need to clean them up a bit...sweeten up the rims and get some slip on them.  

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