Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Austin Wishlist 2

After spending the past 2 hours unloading and loading a bisque kiln and then waxing and cleaning up some bisqueware I thought of something else I may want in my studio in Austin.

An apprentice. 

I've had some interns over the summer a few years back but never quite figured out how to make that work well.  Right now though, I would love someone waxing the feet of bowls and getting some glazes prepped so when I get back from this little computer/coffee break I could get in there and glaze.  

Also...my floor might be a little cleaner.

Perhaps when I get to Austin I'll have figured things out well enough to have some help in the studio and not have it be the hindrance it has been in the past.  Maybe with 3 kids now my studio time could be more efficient with some help.  

Of course, the problem is that I can be a little bit of a control freak.  Just ask anyone who has tried to cook in my kitchen...right Abigail?


abigail said...

well, I know a little something about being an apprentice for a control freak, and think you would be a delight to work for. Having an apprentice is a great idea.
I think I might have a clearish glaze recipe that's nice somewhere. i'll check.

Bruce Christopher said...

That's what kids are for, right?...
HEY! check your email. I got more oysters.

brandon phillips said...

here are two clears that i have used on porcelain that don't craze:
pinell clear
silica 35
potash spar 25
whiting 20

f-4 spar 38
wollastonite 17
talc 3
ball clay 13
epk 5
silica 24
bentonite 2%

the latter will crawl if your pots are a little dusty, but it has a nice bluish tint to it. the pinell clear is pretty stagnant but might be what you are looking for.

i think you would have no problem finding an apprentice/assisitant in austin. the town is full of artist types looking for places to work. i myself am way too anal to let someone else do anything for me except maybe clean the studio. even then i'd probably go crazy of my tools were moved!

abigail said...

I actually found the glaze recipe I was thinking of. It is a miracle because I haven't glazed a thing in a decade. ok, maybe one or two things. But it turns out it's the Pinell Clear that Brandon Phillips posted. I am pretty sure I got it out of the AARC book.

Keith said...

thanks for the recipes. i'll try the pinell clear if i have enough time to mix it tomorrow. otherwise...it will go in the next firing.

i'm kind of a control freak...but...i definitely wouldn't mind having someone to have that glaze ready to go by the time i get the kids off to school in the morning.

i can't believe your recipes haven't flown away or disintegrated since you last used them.

thanks again everyone!

abigail said...

I moved like 7 times during that decade. it keeps a person organized.

ha! had you going there eh? dumb luck, miracle that's what it was. kind of freaked me out actually and made me wonder what else is in all those boxes in my studio!