Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Wow...not only a post two days in a row but a second post of pots.  I'm still catching up on everything that was under plastic since last weekend.    

I love photographing mugs this way.  These are squared and are going to get slipped, waxed, scratched and slipped again tomorrow.

Here are a few of the boxes.  I really liked how the black and white mugs looked so I'm going to try it even though this is on stoneware....we'll see....we always do, right?

Here's the front...or the back side of the boxes.  I needed to figure out a way to tell people how to line everything back up.  My OCD-ness comes out when someone looks at a pot in the shop or booth and puts the lid back on incorrectly.  Drives me nuts!!!  I mean...I didn't spend all that time putting that pattern on that pot to not have it look good. 

And finally's one of the oval vases that I had made the other day.  I "wobbled" the rim a little bit and cut a foot and I like how it looks.  This one and the boxes still need their black slip for the lines.  They'll get that tomorrow.  I really want to make another batch of these vases tomorrow in various sizes for the next firing.  As always...we'll see what happens with that plan.

Tengo sueño...buenas noches.  


brandon phillips said...

i'm gonna have to get me some of them pots when you gets to texas, ya hear? (get used to it, people really do speak like that here!)

Keith said...

sounds good to me brandon...i'd love to have a piece end up in abiline....i've been fixin' to trade for a while...that is...of course....if ya'll are up for it.

i've been practicing my texan for when i move down with all ya'all...(plural, right?)

Glad Houston went well. We're heading down to Houston in December and I'm going to take a trip over to Austin to start doing some searching out for a place to live and some studio space.

brandon phillips said...

send me your address, i got just the guy.