Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carpool Music

I just got back from carpool where I did my best to convince three 4 year old girls that The Shins were perfect music to listen for driving.  It didn't work.  I was able to avoid listening to the "Barbie Girl" song.  That is a small consolation because I we had to..had to...had to listen to Hannah Montana.  They're 4!  Ale has never even seen Hannah Montana but apparently it's the best song in the world.  

Here's the last of the fresh work.  I'm trying to get everything dry so I can load a bisque today but these are still pretty damp and I'm not in Austin yet.  They'll probably just miss this glaze firing.  

Here's a large white-stoneware platter...about 20 inches. This picture makes me want to fire salt and soda again...right now.  I love how this looks at this moment.  The white clay will still look great with a celadon but it might be time to start testing some clear glazes.

Well...time to get the indie rock fired up in the studio and forget all about little Hannah Montana!


abigail said...

It'll take more than indie rock to forget hannah montana.
pot look great! I especially like the platter and the vase with the similar pattern.
what are you thinking for glazing?

abigail said...

Ok, I obviously didn't read before commenting. sorry.

Keith said...

i know you hate glazing abigail...you got any good clear glaze for these guys?

Jen P said...

hahaha! Sorry, I'm a little late in reading this. But I take full credit for corrupting your daughter (at least when it comes to music, maybe not anything else).