Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Loading Pics

I had gotten the kiln about halfway loaded when I went inside to take a break and watch Obama's 30 minute ad.  I've heard it all before and have been a supporter for a while but sometimes when he speaks.....chills baby, chills.  That clip from the 2004 keynote speech at the DNC...still unbelievable.

Back to is the back half loaded.

Thank goodness for plate setters.  I got these a few years back when Michael McCarthy, Mark Shapiro and I split an order to cut down on freight costs.  I don't make plates too often but when I do these things are priceless.

Even more plate setters....and a gently raised lip of a pitcher is just about perfect for a sprung arch kiln...don't you think?   As much as I seem to dread loading...if I can get that first shelf done it becomes a pretty fun game.  Unfortunately...when loading the reduction kiln the pots just look so bland all covered with glaze. to catch the tail end of The Daily Show and wait to turn up the kiln a few more times tonight.

1 comment:

abigail said...

that Guggenheim guy makes a hell of an infomercial. It was great. Can we just vote now!
kiln looks good! can't wait to see what comes out!