Thursday, October 9, 2008

Off to NY

We're taking off a little early for Columbus Day Weekend.  Javi's school has a teacher conference day tomorrow so we get a 4 day weekend out of the Monday holiday.

I had a whole punch-list of pots to get done before we leave but that isn't happening.  I did get everything I was working on finished up except for 1/2 dozen mugs which will sit under plastic until Monday.  When I get back next week I have some pasta bowls to make and then some odds and ends as I start bisque firing to lead up to loading the reduction kiln a couple of times.

Tomorrow we're going to the Bronx Zoo with our whole crew.  Then, Evangelina and I are heading into the city for a night on the town...rather than find a too-hip-for-us restaurant we're going to check at the NY Rangers game at the Garden.

There is "All Fired Up" going on all over Westchester County so hopefully we'll be able to check out a few things over the weekend.  Michael has some tiles at Clay Art Center in Port Chester where I used to rent studio space and Dan has some work at the Rye Arts Center which is literally down the road from my folks house.  

I'll try to post from NY but we'll see how that goes.

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