Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oysters Again

Bruce stopped by this evening with a cooler full of oysters that he harvested the other day.  Luckily...we still had some horseradish and mignonette so it was another good combo.

In true "Mad Men" fashion I felt it was unacceptable to have oysters without a cocktail.  I grabbed this tumbler which I've always loved.  During my many trips to Dan Anderson's "Mounds" kiln I would always hope that Caroline would have some tumblers stowed away in the gallery somewhere.  One of the trips the planets were aligned and I brought 3 of them back with me.  This one is the largest...which obviously makes the it the best for an Old Fashioned.

Here's the cooler full of oysters waiting to be shucked.

I did alright shucking the other night but a lesson from the master...the very tall master...never hurts.  The dry clay on your arms and shirt are not necessary.

Finally...I guess this tray from one of my first soda-firings here at Kreeger Pottery has now officially become the "Oyster Tray".


abigail said...

just so long as you don't have too many old fashioneds!

looks delicious.

Bruce Christopher said...

Good stuff Keith! You'll be competing in Wellfleet before you know it! I just finished painting the trim and checked your code. I figured it out and sent you an email. Give me a yell if you have questions.