Tuesday, October 21, 2008


These pics are from Friday.  I should probably take tons of pics and save some so even when I have a long weekend with old friends I can pretend that I was also busy in the studio and sprinkle some pottery pics in between the food and exploring pics.  

Anyways...here are some B-Mix cups with black slip and some incised lines.  I'm curious to see how these will play with the stoneware cups with the black incised lines.

Here are a few covered pieces that I threw.  I usually just call them boxes even though that's not totally accurate.  I threw these as a closed form and let them set up.  Step 2 was to use a needle to cut through in the right spot to separate them.  I threw a coil to create the flange so the lid would fit nice and tightly.  Old form for me...new method of making them.

Here are a few oval vases that I squeezed together right after I threw them.  I typically throw these without a base and then attach a slab.  These were done with the "Briscoe" technique of using a piece of wood to squeeze the base.  I felt like I had left too much clay down on the base so I ended up cutting feet away from them after they set up.  I'll try to get some pics up tonight.  I really love making oval vases.  They are so easy to arrange flowers in that even I can make them look nice, they are great to decorate because you have two sides to work with and lastly, they are so easy to find space for in the kiln...taking up what would have been wasted space.

I had planned on being done with wet work by today but I think I'm going to give it 2 solid days of throwing and then start prepping to glaze while I cycle through a couple more bisques.  If all goes as planned...I should be glazing by this weekend.  Now that it's in writing I guess we'll all see how that goes.


Bruce Christopher said...

As it's clamming season here on Cape Cod, and shellfish are on my mind... these pots on the bottom sure look like clam necks!... Oysters don't have necks, but maybe they're rubbing off on you. Wait... you made little-neck stew too, didn't you!

Patricia Griffin said...

Hey Keith, the black slipped and incised mugs look great. I have been using Laguna B-Mix too and terrible problem with handles cracking. (I used to use Bee-Mix from Aardvark and didn't seem to have the same problem.) Now adding wax around the join and drying very slowly... Seems to be helping. What do you do to prevent handles from cracking?

abigail said...

how did I manage to visit for 3 1/2 days and not see those mugs in person?
how high you raising your prices? I gotta get one of those!

doug fitch said...

Those mugs have a lovely soft look to them - great markmaking as always