Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a Start

I have a floor again. At least one that doesn't have a top-coating of silicosis waiting to happen. I have some newly acquired surface space which has been leased out temporarily to some pasta bowls to go along with those soup bowls and lunch plates for an order.

I still would like to make a few more mugs today so I might try and sit down at the wheel during the debate...or shortly afterwards while all of the blabbering happens on the cable channels.

Here are some of the pasta bowls..version 1. I'm going to make a different version of them tomorrow without the flared rim and see how I like them.  More importantly see how what the clients think. 

And, here are some of the mugs that are going to cost a little more.  I'm really pleased with how they're looking.  They are all squared and have white slip and some incised slip decorations.  I really like how they're sitting on top of each other and I'll at least photograph a few of them that way when they're done...perhaps even display some like that....a little pretentious probably but I like how the designs and form work together like that.  Perhaps I'll have to make some vases with these shapes.  

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