Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning

A lot less get's done over the weekend nowadays.  I had high-hopes of starting to glaze but that didn't start yet.  I did get another couple of bisques through and that means that I'm ready to start glaze prep today.  

I spent the morning finishing up some wet decoration on the last of the freshly thrown pots.  Time to get things drying and hopefully get another bisque through tomorrow.  CraftBoston is coming up pretty soon so I actually need to start getting some work finished so I can move on to the ritual of the pre-show booth tweaking.  

I'd like to get 2 firings through the reduction kiln and see what's left after the show.  I'll have about 10 days until the Trunk Show that we're doing at my folk's place in NY over thanksgiving weekend.  If I need another firing and close to having enough to fill the gas-kiln again I'll fire off again.  Otherwise, I might spend a few days getting back to that dirty red earthenware and get a quick electric kiln load through for Thanksgiving weekend.

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