Friday, May 15, 2009

Glaze Recipes

As part of the next version of the website, I'm going to put up a technical page with the recipes I use in my studio.  The only problem is that like many other potters, this photo shows my glaze recipe filing system.  It is fairly similar to my office filing system....they both need a little work.

For all of the sharing going on with potters and the intertubes, it seems hard to find reliable recipes with a quick google search.  Everybody I know is always quick to share recipes when asked but not too many people have the info readily available.

Here are few potters who already have great tech pages up:

Anybody know of others?


Anonymous said...

my glaze recipe filing system is similar only a bit less organized, looking forward to seeing what you put up

June Perry said...

I have a lot of cone 6 ox, cone 10 reduction and cone 10 soda clay bars, and glaze tests and recipes for them on my site:

Hit the technical link for potters and it will take you to the various tech pages.


Anonymous said...

Boy, do I! One of my favorites - , then these:
A glaze group to join:

Not trying to hijack, but there are some great ones here. I'm planning to test a few in the next two months. I also got Richard Burkett's HyperGlaze, which is an amazing "notebook" for storing and figuring glazes, esp. if you have an Apple.

Like your work, and enjoy lurking by every week or so.

Anonymous said...

Here's the one I missed:
and this one:

That's all. I'm stopping. Thanks again.

Keith said...

Wow...Thanks everybody. This is turning into quite a list.

Ron said...