Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Porcelain Progress

I've gotten through a little bit of porcelain.  I was hoping to have gotten more accomplished by now but it's been a little slow going with this stuff.  It almost feels like I'm working with clay...almost.  I'm starting to get used to it again so hopefully by the weekend I'll have enough together to bisque and then glaze up next week.  That could be another pottery pipe dream though...we'll see.

Here are some mugs...I'm trying out some new shapes.

One of those little 1 pounders got the fluting treatment.  We'll see if any others get attacked by any tools tonight.
Here are a couple of small vases.  I'm trying to work up the nerve to throw some vertical forms with this stuff....for now it's small or bowls.  

Could there be some teapots in the future.  I only have one left in the gallery so I thought I would experiment with a few here.  This may be all you see of them if they don't go as planned.

Well...more later.  It seems like it's been a slow day in potteryblogland....maybe people are working?  

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Anonymous said...

looking good... it does sort of feel like clay but not quite