Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mug Pairs

I'm still cruising with the porcelain and a little over a week into it I'm beginning to enjoy the stuff.  

Instead of making mugs in sets of 6-8 at a time like I normally do, I decided to make them in pairs as I get used to porcelain again and try out different forms and different handles.  It's been a fun exercise and has also kept things light in the studio as I'm starting to wind down life as a maker on the Cape.  

I do have to say that I'm looking forward to decorating all of this pure white ware.  I'm planning on mixing up a clear glaze for an electric firing and decorating most of the work with some underglazes via Silvie Granatelli's site.  The recipe I've been using is for bone dry ware:
epk 100
frit 3134 100
stain 100

The mugs in the last image have a couple of coats of the underglaze stain on them, I used a sage green mason stain on them.  This is all new to me as I experiment with some more electric firings to prepare for our move. I'm trying to turn all of my raw clay into pots so I have work finished while I figure out my studio setup down in Austin.

The move, by the way, is starting to become extremely real and nerve-racking....we are moving on August 10th.  I've been busy getting estimates and figuring out what's coming, what's staying and what's going.  It's all very confusing. 

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abigail said...

are those venti sized? because you've got me convinced that all mugs should be venti sized.
they look great, regardless.

I am sorry you're already getting stressed about the move. moving sucks. but just think how happy you'll be come late November when a cold wind is blowing in off the Cape. Evangelina and you and Steven and I will be drinking margaritas under your oak tree.
Did I mention we're visiting as soon as the weather turns foul?
I call the hammock.