Thursday, May 7, 2009

One More....

I hope you have your sunglasses on...or at least can turn down the dimmer on your monitor.
This is the brighter blue that I envisioned....Man it's bright...and it's feels awfully strange to see it come from my studio.  I guess we'll see where this goes.

More familiar gas kiln pots tomorrow.


abigail said...

I kinda love the blue. but maybe not with the yellow, even though I generally love yellow.

It's probably an Ann Arbor thing. There are people in this frackin town that have blue and gold M's painted on their family room walls and I will never be able to see those colors together without thinking of old, overgrown frat boys watching football and throwing up drunk while their kids play in the back yard. (two houses down, I've seen it happen.) so really, don't go by me.

I really love the blue and the earthenware showing through. Really a lot.

Keith said...

I agree about the's actually the white slip but it goes sort of creamy yellow under the clear glaze. I do like the more solid blue here than the watercolory(is that a word) blue in the ones below.

i guess i'll have to find a more opaque white slip to try...or just go all blue on the entire mug! it's kinda fun to try the colors out but it definitely feels very different than what i consider my work to be...but i did make it...right?

Go Michigan! Oh...and the Red Wings are playing now...but I'm sure you're watching the game sitting next to the beer fridge. :)

abigail said...

I think it's exciting, bright colors, rich earthenware. I like it. I can't wait to see where it goes.
I think I have eddie dominguez earthenware slip recipe somewhere. I will look for it, but god knows if I can find it. I think it's nice and white. If I can't find it you might be able to ask around and find someone who can (Jill?).

I'm not watching anything, I'm exhausted. Being a farmer will wear a body out. but Go Red Wings!

Ron said...

Hey Keith, I think I tried that same blue out too and had a similar reaction. I like those bowls below with the washy blue. I think it's hard for us potters coming from a high fire background to get the hang of these heavy, opaque slips at low fire. For me that's the case anyhow. Cool to see your deco on these too. I hope you'll make some more. Best, Ron

Keith said...


You're right, it does feel like an entirely different process working with these slips. I'll give it another try shortly.