Monday, May 4, 2009

Starting to finish...

Obviously, my phantom apprentice didn't get the entire list accomplished.  So now I'm stuck catching up this morning.  

I got a few things done over the weekend but much of it involved finishing up the earthenware so the reduction kiln is still waiting patiently for attention.  I'll finish loading up a bisque of earthenware today and firing it off either tonight or tomorrow.  I just put handles on a few mugs late last night and I'm trying to force dry everything.  I don't have a wood-stove in the studio anymore so I can't force things as Michael can. 

Another hour or so of finishing up with the low-fire stuff and then it's time to clean a table and get back to glazing for the big kiln.  I should be able to start loading that kiln later today...if the stars are aligned it may even get the door closed and pilots on...although that's more likely going to happen tomorrow.  

Perhaps I should go make those cones now....

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