Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moving Along

The gas kiln is starting to glow and the burners are on high.  

I had a fun little morning at Ale's pre-school glazing a big bowl.  I made two large earthenware bowls and brought in some bright commercial underglazes.  Each bowl now as handprints of each per classroom.  Some of the handprints look like hands and others look like blobs...I tried to warn them about moving their hands once it was on the pot.

I'm glazing up the earthenware after re-sieving and using some hot water to dissolve some crystals that formed in the glaze.  (Thanks Emily!)  I guess that happens if you don't use a glaze for almost an entire year.  

I should have the electric kiln loaded with glazed wares by dinner and then I'll have both kilns going this evening.  Finally!

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