Friday, May 29, 2009


I've made a few teapots, which is something I do rarely.  Even rarer is the fact that they're made with porcelain.  Here's a preview and may be the only shot of them if the handles decide to be picky.  They're sitting pretty under plastic and will be drying as slowly as I can to give them a fighting chance.  Since these pics were taken I've let the handles set up a bit and then thinned them out a bit more while they're on the pots.  

These will most likely also get some stains and then a clear glaze.  

Today will hopefully be spent making a few more pieces, throwing some test tiles and then getting ready to fire the electric kiln by the end of next week.  As always, some moving stress will be inserted throughout the day.  Today's dilemma is the large Bailey gas kiln.  How much will it cost to get a rigger here, crate it up and ship it freight down to Austin.  Or, do I sell it up here?  Then, once I figure out where my long term studio in Austin will be, build either a reduction or a soda kiln.  


Anonymous said...

porcelain teapots... in for a penny, in for a pound

Keith said...

yeah...we'll see what happens!