Thursday, May 29, 2008

Almost there

I got 2 out of 3 glazes mixed up yesterday and I just got a delivery with the ingredients that I didn't have for the last one.  Time to finish mixing and then get everything sieved.  I've spent the morning prepping all of the bisqueware.  Getting the feet waxed and I made sure I cleaned everything off really well. My last firing at Mark's had a bit of crawling because of some dust on the ware.  I don't want to make the same lazy mistake again.  

I'm also trying a bunch of new ideas in this firing.  I just put some of the latex wax resist on a few big pieces so I can glaze and then remove the wax and layer things together.  I've never used this method before...and I'm trying it out with some new glazes so I've got lots of variables going into this firing.

And, since a post isn't a real post without proving that some work was accomplished, here are some pots that I finished up late last night.  Some squared bowls that weren't quite ready to trim during the day and were just past how I like the clay to be for trimming.  I guess I mis-timed it today.  Anyways, they still got trimmed and have some brown slip on them.

Here are a few new to me oval forms that are actually similar form to some ovals of mine from years ago.  I put the brown slip on the entire piece and then scratched through to the white clay below....I'm pretty excited to get these into the firing.  

Lastly, here is my slab roller that has turned back into a coffee table.  The 3 mugs to the right are usually the first one's I grab in the morning.  The middle is a soda-fired mug by Michael McCarthy and it's bordered by two Mark Shapiro woodfired mugs.  Since they were in the studio when I went for round 1 of coffee this morning I gave a quick rinse to the Ayumi Horie on the left and filled it up.

Off to finish those glazes.  I'm hoping to be done glazing by Sunday and then get this kiln fired on Monday.  

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