Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More pots to make

I got a bisque kiln loaded today and it's started with a long soak.  Time to make a few more pots today and tomorrow.  Then, it's time to start cleaning up and get ready to do some glazing.  I still haven't figured out which glazes I'm going to mix up for the firing.  I would like to try out a new celadon glaze.  I haven't had a celadon in the studio for a while so it's time to hunt down that box with all of my recipes in it.  

I now officially hate setting up the webstore.  It was sold as basically plug 'n play...and it might be.... to a web programmer.  It would sort of be like selling wheels out of the gallery and telling every single customer that they are now ready to make pots.  Just plug it in, put some clay on a bat and start throwing.  It's that easy!  I've spent the greater part of yesterday in contact with my web hosting company changing some stuff around and that was supposed to make it didn't.  So, enough ranting about the web to the studio and hopefully get some decent pottery made.....all it takes is a wheel and some clay, right?

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Bruce Christopher said...

Here's a start:

(Yeah, PHP!)

Try refreshing your page. It generates the random image on the right. I put some dropdowns in too. (See you on the boat in about 8 hours)