Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to work

It was a long weekend in the gallery but a decent one nonetheless.  It was absolutely beautiful outside over the weekend on Cape which meant town was pretty busy.  Evangelina and I got to see some of our clients who we haven't seen since last year so it's always nice to catch up.

Today it's back to work in the studio.  I cycled through another bisque yesterday and I would like to re-load another right back up again.  I've got some clay wedged up for one last round of squared soup bowls that have been ready to throw since the beginning of the weekend and never got done.  They haven't been sitting under plastic as long as these mugs....they are definitely getting some handles today.  After that it truly is time to start glazing.  I've been going through my pile/file of glaze recipes looking for a good celadon to mix up this round.

I've been in either the studio or gallery every day for a while now so I might head out this afternoon....haven't figured out where or what yet.  That's one of the downsides of the studio, gallery and house all together....I'm here quite a bit.  There are too many upsides to make that complaint too often.  

It's raining today after being beautiful since sometime last week...that's my luck for what could be my day out.  Over the weekend our giant tree peony went into full bloom.  The flowers are about 6 to 7 inches across.  Here's a pic...

Well, off for coffee number 1 of the day.  

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KTC said...

you should call these mugs, "glazed and confused."