Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HTML, PHP....???

I got the webstore software plug-in and I definitely don't understand it.  We've designed our basic site with basic HTML which I don't understand but with Dreamweaver that doesn't matter. I've been able to update the site and add pics and pages and links without any knowledge of web design.  Bruce, who has helped me with the site so far, is going to be changing the site to a php code....which, again I don't understand but will make updating easier.  

The webstore program is full of templates and is supposed to be easy to upload from my program but apparently, my basic knowledge of Dreamweaver isn't enough to get it up and running.  It definitely wasn't for lack of trying.  I uploaded everything up to our server and tried everything I could to get it to work.  No such luck.  So, it's been taken off of the server until I can figure it out.  

So...now I'm going to have to bribe Bruce with some Anchor Steam Liberty Ale, Dogfish 90 Minute IPA or Dogfish 240 Minute IPA if that's what it's going to take.  Bruce....it's time to forget about your real clients....you know the one's who pay you with money instead of pots and get on over here on Saturday.  You don't really want to keep painting trim anyways....Amy will understand.  Let me know which beer(s) you want and it will be here waiting for you....along with a whole bunch of php errors.


Bruce Christopher said...

Wow, a public call to arms. I can't leave a friend in distress. Don't worry, one way or another, we'll kick it's ass.

Keith said...

PHP....Look out!!!