Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gallery Time

I've been in the gallery the majority of the last couple of days.  We've gotten some really great work in the past few days.  My good friend Michael McCarthy sent some nice pots over, Daniel Garretson, who is Mark Shapiro's current apprentice sent some work over and we received some jewelry from Zingarelle, a pair of artists in NYC.  I'll try to get some pics posted shortly but I'm kind of sick of the computer right now.  

I'm hoping to make it into the studio tomorrow to at least load another bisque.  If I'm lucky I'll get some pots made also.  I'd like to make a few more bowls for the firing and I have another bunch of mugs that have been under plastic so long waiting for handles it might be time to start charging rent.  

Town is definitely busier this weekend but I was honestly hoping for a little more of a swarm of people around.  We've had some nice visits from many of our regular customers and it's been nice catching up on the past year.  Some of our summer friends have new dogs, others are eyeing retirement next year.  I'll be staying open late tonight to hopefully catch some of the after dinner crowd.  Wish me luck and send a note to keep me awake.  

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