Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Morning

It's Clarita's first birthday today.  We took a great hike through the Fort Hill Park out in Eastham.  It always amazes me at how many different landscapes there are out here on the Cape.  I've lived here since 1997 and I've never been to this park before.  Javi led the way since he's been here with his pre-school before.  I'll update this post with some pictures shortly....

In other Kreeger Pottery news, Bruce and I attacked that webstore thing yesterday...for a little over 8 hours!  I think we may have finally kicked it's butt.  I still have a few little things to clean up but this never ending website update might actually be close to done.  It's good timing.  Next week is Memorial Day Weekend and the official start of the Cape's tourist season.  I've got some great pots coming in next week from my friend Rob Sutherland.  His work is such a departure from the salt/wood fired work we've always had in the gallery.  Also, I might actually make that trip to Western Mass. for that crews' pots.  

All blogging about my website is done until I actually get the final site live.  I know it's been boring.  I'm off to make some pots in the studio....

Here are the images:

the view from fort hill
javi on the rock
ale in the meadow
clarita, the birthday girl, with my mother-in-law

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