Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Still Making Pots....

My work on the website has stalled for the past few days as I've been in the studio making work. I definitely need to kep working on the website and get more images loaded and more pages built but it's on hold until my friend Bruce can help me with one more thing. I don't quite understand it but we're going to change the site to a php version which in the end will make updating easier. That, and it means we should be able to get the webstore up and running via my point of sale system in the gallery.

Basically, what it means is everything that I've entered should go up online with the ability to look, click, buy with a credit card securely online and get your order shipped. It does beg the question...can you sell pots online? I asked earlier and I'm still not sure. For a while now just about every customer has asked if I sell my work online. I've always thought you needed to see the piece, touch the piece and then decide to buy....but maybe we'll be able to sell some very real pots virtually. If all goes well maybe within the next couple of weeks I can get a beta version of Kreeger Pottery's online sales gallery up for a preview.

In the meantime, I'll continue making pots and photographing more work...both mine and others as it comes into the shop. I still haven't taken pictures of Hilary Law's work and gotten it up to the site. Hopefully, I can catch up on that tonight. Here are a couple of pics of recent pics....some mugs and a large serving bowl. Instead of making a series of the same mugs I decide to make each one a little different....not how I usually work. The idea of totally new work going into the reduction kiln has been really liberating for the kinds of pots I have been making and how I've been making them.

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