Friday, May 9, 2008

New Blog Links

Since discovering the idea of pottery blogging not long ago I've been a daily visitor to Michael Kline's blog. I think reading it for a while is why I decided to make a blog part of our website re-design. I have always loved Michael's work and we were glad to have some of it in our gallery for one of our group shows a few years back.

I'm enjoying the fact that there is a community of artists writing about their work and their daily life. Two potters who I have never met and honestly, I didn't even know their work before finding their blogs, have become part of my fix of my online pottery habit. I look forward to one day seeing each of their pots in person...especially after following their blogs. So, if you haven't already, please check out blogs by Brandon Phillips and Ron Philbeck.

Finally....a pottery related blog post after bringing politics and movies and new cousins to the site. More pots were made yesterday so I guess I never caught up on all that work or got handles on those mugs. Better get to that this morning.....after making a few more bowls.

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Michael Kline said...

Hey Keith thanks for the plug! There do seem to be a lot of potters joining the blog-o-rama. I've just written an article for Studio Potter magazine about this phenomenon. I'll do a online version of the article at some point after the publication is out.

Here are a couple of other blogs I read regularly besides Ron and Brandon:

Douglas Fitch's A Devonshire Pottery

and Scott Cooper's This Week at St Earth Pottery
Keep up with that plastic, Cheers!