Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm starting to feel a slight disconnect from my pots.  I've been making work for a while now and when I start feeling like this it usually means it's time to start glazing and seeing some finished work.   Once I unload the kiln I remember how excited I was at the beginning of the cycle...if the firing goes well. Making pots is obviously a process driven endeavor but we do need those few sweet pots out of the kiln that send us right back into the studio to start again. 

So, it's either that or it could just be the fear of firing without the aid of salt or soda for the first time in....well, years.    

I still have a few fresh ideas of some more pots to make but I don't have any working surfaces left. Time for a quick cleanup and shelving re-organization.  Maybe even another bisque is in the works today.  

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