Thursday, May 29, 2008

Copper Red

Easy answer for a stupid question....

Who the hell would be so stupid as to start mixing a copper red without first checking that there was any copper in their studio?  


brandon phillips said...

hehe, it happens. the other day i was mixing a glaze and realized i didn't have any talc. so i went to walmart and bought some baby powder. i hope it works. good luck.

doug fitch said...

Hi Keith
Greetings from England. It's so easy to forget the most fundamental things when there are so many other things to try and remember.
Good to find you.

Keith said...

First off...Doug, Thanks for checking in over here. I've enjoyed following your blog and it's nice to see you over here.

Lucky for me, my friend Dave Robinson is another potter in town and he scored a ton of materials from when he retired from teaching high school. He is, like all potters, reliable in a pinch. All it took was a quick phone call and I was over scooping out some copper into a container to bring home.

Brandon, good thinking on the talc...I hope it works.


ang said...

hi keith,
hehehe nothing like popping over to the neighbours for a cuppa copper...